Sunset Washed and Combed Cheviot Fleece Locks


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This is a 1.6 Oz bag of hand washed, dyed, and combed Cheviot locks. I gently washed this fleece in small batches and dried it thoroughly before professionally dyeing it and hand combing the locks individually to remove any tangles and loose vm (vegetable matter). These locks are now very clean with a smooth, even crimp; even after combing, the lock structure is still clearly defined. The Deep Sunset colorway features rich shades of purple, pink, fuchsia and orange. The staple length on this fleece is between 4 and 5 inches.

According to "The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook," cheviot fleece is known for it's unique 3-dimensional crimp, rectangular staples, versatile and easy to spin qualities. Cheviot wool is dense and durable without being rough on the skin, and is excellent for everyday garments like socks and sweaters, as well as household textiles. It also blends well with other fibers, and goes through a drum carder beautifully (which I can personally attest to).

Cheviot wool will felt, and it has a low luster/ sheen and is a bit "chalky" in the way it takes colors. It does make some excellent jewel tones when dyed

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