Washed and Combed Coopworth Fleece Locks


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This is a 2 Oz bag of hand washed and combed Coopworth locks ( I have more if you like, just ask). I gently washed this fleece in small batches and dried it thoroughly before hand combing the locks individually to remove any tangles and loose vm (vegetable matter). These locks are now very clean, with an excellent luster and smooth, even crimp; even after combing, the lock structure is still clearly defined. The tip ends of this batch of wool are a buttery color, which does not detract from their quality or cleanliness, but may be possible to remove with further washing ( I don't like to over-wash fiber, I find it makes it brittle). The staple length on this fleece is between 5 and 7 inches.

According to "The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook," coopworth fleece is known for it's well defined crimp, lovely pointed lock structure, easy to spin qualities, and strength and durability. Coopworth is similar in feel to Border Leicester, Perendale, and Romney wools, and is excellent for outerwear and other sturdy garments, as well as household textiles. In other words, you have more durability than softness going on, but the strength, high luster, and long staple make for easy spinning and durable yarns suited for a wide variety of projects (but probably not baby hats!).

One really excellent application for Coopworth yarn is knitting or crocheting small toys and collectibles, where the sheen and durability are particularly desirable characteristics. Coopworth locks can also be used in felting for white hair or "Santa Beards/ Wizard Beards" and for a nice textured "fleece" on felted animals.

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